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OSC Vung Tau and marks 25 years

25 years of development, The Oil Services Company of Vung Tau (briefly called OSC Vung Tau) has made a bold mark in the development of catering services for Vietnam’s petroleum industry, becoming a trusted partner of many domestic and international oil companies.


The early days of the date string operation is difficult: the number of officers and employees only count on the fingers, yet experienced; facilities, equipment shortages … So, the company deployed some support services for small oil and gas sector such as supply of goods, food produced locally are composed mainly of fresh vegetables and rent the titles simple jobs such as food processing, laundry, cleaning the bathroom. In the commercial sector – oil and gas engineering services, OSC Vung Tau only provide replacement equipment, minor repairs with unsignificant value.”

In operation in all aspects of deprivation conditions, after 25 years of trying, OSC Vung Tau has the growth, maturity. From less than 10 staff members with modest levels in the early years, to date, OSC Vung Tau has nearly 300 employees working regularly on land and marine works. annual turnover of up to several hundred billion, profits and the obligation to pay tens of billions of dong. 6 months in 2009, overcoming common difficulties due to the economic crisis, business and production of OSC Vung Tau over the progress achieved and plans to ensure stable employment for workers with income on a lift.