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Shore base supply: located at 260 Le Loi Street with a system of warehouse for food preserving and storing before being loaded into containers for shipment.

Container workshop: Located at 260 Le Loi for container maintenance and repair

Laundry and tailoring workshop: equipped with industrial washing, ironing, drying machines to provide laundry services to offices, hotel and residents in Vung Tau City and surrounding areas.

Training facilities (galley, cabin, …) : located nearby head office for training and improving offshore personnel’s skills in bakery, cooking, housekeeping, etc.

Labor source:

All management staffs are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated to the tasks assigned, fluent in foreign languages, experienced in performing oilfield catering contracts. They are equipped with sufficient working facilities, means of communication to ensure the lines of communication and smooth works around the clock, including sudden cases.